Body & Slimming Treatment - 美體及纖體系列

Ocean Spa offers a series of weight management programs with various slimming machines with manual that bring amazing and satisfied results. These programs are specially designed according to customers’ body figures. Together with our practical and natural balancing diet plans, customers will rediscover esteem that brings balance and freshness into their lives.


頭部及肩頸按摩          $580
Shoulder & Scalp Massage
穴位淋巴腳底按摩        $680
Relaxing Foot Massage
香薰全身按摩            $780
Aromatic Body Massage
全身舒緩按摩            $780
Anti-stress Body Massage
機理全身通淋巴護理      $1280
Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage
(By Equipment)
香薰全身通淋巴護理      $880
Aromatic Lymphatic Drainage
Body Massage
熱石全身按摩            $1280
Hot stone Massage
背部美肌護理            $1280
Exfoliation Back Treatment
全身磨沙護理            $680
Full Body Scrubbing Treatment
背部抗菌控油護理        $980image023
Purifying Back Treatment
背部鑽石磨皮護理(加插)   $680
Diamond Dermabrasion Smoothing
Treatment (Part)
人手定位瘦身療          $980
Slimming Treatment (By Hand)
脂肪燃燒瘦身療程        $980
Diatermic Slimming Body Treatment
G5深層(局部)護理        $880
G5 Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
冷/熱瘦身束身護理       $880
Body Contouring Body Heating
/Cooling Wrap (Part of Body)
海藻排毒瘦身護理        $880
Detoxifying Seaweed Body Wrap
(Part of Body)
美體嫩膚泥膜護理        $880
Detoxifying Mud Wrap Treatment
(Part of Body)
紅外線排脂熱毯          $880
Thermal Blanket Treatment
纖型塑身電療儀          $880
Intensive Cellulite & Contouring
產前產後腹部護理        $680
Abdomen Treatment
人手美胸護理         $980
Breast Treatment (By Hand)
機理胸部緊緻護理     $1380
Breast Treatment (By Equipment)
G5 推脂纖體護理      $1280
G5 Slimming & Remodeling Treatment
遠紅外線纖體         $780
Far Infrared Slimming
LPG瘦身護理         $1600
LPG Body Slimming Treatment
LPG康健除勞護理     $1600
LPG Wellness Slimming Treatment
微電流極速收腰       $880
Faradic Slimming Treatment